Advice on Writing? Horrors!

When the name of author Stephen King comes up in conversation, it’s usually to discuss his hair-raising horror tales and the movies that they have spawned: Carrie, The Shining and Children of the Corn, for example.

What many people don’t know is that he is also the author of On Writing, a respected book for budding authors. It is part autobiography, part writer’s guide, and certainly worth a read for anyone serious about improving their fiction.

Like many good writers, King has always been a reader and has absorbed language through his pores. However, he also consciously studies other authors whom he respects to learn from their stylistic strengths. In talking of description, for example, he cites such diverse voices as Raymond Chandler and T.S. Eliot.

“Good writing consists of mastering the fundamentals (vocabulary, grammar, the elements of style),” he opines and filling your writer’s toolbox with these necessary elements. “Good writing is also about making good choices when it comes to picking the tools you plan to work with.”

Whether you enjoy King’s writing or not – I’m a coward when it comes to scary fiction – there is no arguing with his talent in achieving the impact and effect he sets out to create. His writing about writing is worthwhile reading for anyone who dreams of producing the Great Canadian Novel.


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