Making the Case for Social Media: Six Pixels of Separation

In today’s business world, if your online activities don’t extend much beyond using email, it’s time for a dose of Mitch JoelImage.

Joel is a Canadian digital marketing guru who has advised Google, among organizations, and was named the “Rock Star of Digital Marketing” in 2006 by Marketing magazine. He is also president of Twist Image, a digital marketing and communications agency, and author of two books about online marketing, including Six Pixels of Separation: Everyone is Connected. Connect Your Business to Everyone, a book that seeks to lead readers out of the wilderness and into the digital age.

For Joel, it’s a “no brainer”: be a part of the digital community or be left behind. You don’t have to struggle towards this brave new world on your own, however. Joel is there to hold your hand, step-by-step, explaining the tools that are available and the most effective ways to employ them to get a return on your investment.

Although Joel wrote this book in 2008, it is still relevant and offers a good introduction to the approach required for corporations and individuals to successfully navigate the world of online marketing. He maintains – correctly – that there is a much more vibrant two-way conversation taking place between brands and their customers than ever before. Without downplaying the hard work involved in engaging in this conversation, Joel encourages readers with real-world examples of those who have successfully negotiated the changing marketplace.

Joel believes that making a mark in the digital world requires bravery and a willingness to do things differently, yet he believes there are sound principles that help ensure success, such as the 5 C’s of Entrepreneurship 2.0 (connecting, creating, conversations, community and commerce) With his assistance, readers will be armed with the information and the confidence they need to develop the necessary strategies and tactics for making their mark in today’s digital world. Joel is a positive, gentle guide into the unknown. 


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